Top 5 Video Marketing Statistics

Top 5 Video Marketing Statistics

Mastering the art of video marketing is an absolute must for any successful campaign strategy. With our top 10 video marketing statistics, you will understand how effective video marketing actually is and realise it is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan, but central to your outreach and campaign efforts.

Video marketing statistics you need to know

If video marketing isn’t something you have considered before, then now is the time to think about and understand the abundance of possibilities and benefits it can bring to your business. As a reputable marketing agency, we can confirm that using videos to promote and market your products/services increases engagement on your digital channels, educates your customers and effectively reaches your audience using a new medium. 2019 saw video transform from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy, making it a necessity for all your future campaigns if you want to keep up with the competition. Video hasn’t just improved and transformed how businesses market their brand; it has revolutionized how companies connect with consumers. Video marketing isn’t just limited to the odd promotional video posted on Facebook once in a while, in fact, there are 10 different types of marketing videos you can utilise throughout your campaign to boost conversions, build trust and encourage social shares.

1. Demo Videos

With a demo video, you can showcase how your product works and give consumers a genuine reflection of what you have to offer.

2. Brand Videos

Typically, brand videos are created as part of a larger advertising campaign. You can use a brand video to showcase your company’s core values, mission or products/services.

3. Event Videos

If your business is hosting a conference, fundraiser, round table discussion, or any other type of event, it is the perfect opportunity to produce valuable video content. In the video, you could include interviews with an industry specialist, snippets of presentations or anything you think would be relevant and enjoyable to watch for your target audience.

4. Expert Interviews

A great way to build trust and authority with your target audience is to capture interviews with internal experts and thought leaders in the relevant industry. Having discussions with influencers in your industry is great content to get in front of your audience.

5. How-To Videos

How-To videos are useful to teach your audience something new and build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business and solutions.

6. Animated Videos

If your services or products aren’t generic and require some explanation to the standard consumer, animated videos are a great solution. Put simply, using strong visuals makes it is easy to explain abstract concepts.

7. Customer Testimonial Videos

Potential buyers of your product/service users will always look for some sort of confirmation that what you are selling can and will meet their needs. Although good reviews can highlight this, a video that features your satisfied, loyal customers will make a much better impression.

8. 360° Videos

A 360° video allows viewers to experience a location or event as if they were physically there. The immersive experience creates an instant connection between your brand and the user, which guarantees to make a lasting impression.

9. Live Videos

Live videos give your target audience a behind the scenes look at your company, making them feel more involved. It also draws longer streams, and higher engagement rates as viewers spend up to 8 times longer engaging in a live video than with video-on-demand.

10. Personalised Messages

If you really want your brand to stand out, then videos are a creative way to continue a conversation or respond to someone via email or text. You can even use videos to give personalized recommendations and drive customers further down the purchase journey.

53% of customers engage with a brand after watching a video on social media

As well as being engaging, videos are a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving potential customers to your social media pages or website. As shown in the statistic above, over half of consumers will pursue a brand further after watching a video they have posted online. When it comes to millennials, this figure increases to 66%. This proves that videos are not only an effective form of advertising but also a great opportunity in terms of your social media marketing strategy. As an SEO marketing company, we know how you can optimize your videos for online searches and improve overall visibility. Here are a few tips that you will find useful:

  • Choose the right video hosting platform
  • Insert a video transcript
  • Carefully consider the video title and description
  • Ensure the rest of the page is relevant to the video and optimized for SEO
  • Make the video the focus of the page
  • Don’t rely solely on SEO to promote your video

Tweets with a video see 10 times more engagement than those without

When it comes to social media advertising, Twitter is hard to compete with. The microblogging platform has evolved over the years from a space to share 140 character tweets to a network where you can share pictures, GIFs and of course, videos. Video posts on the social network actually receive higher engagement levels than standard tweets – with 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more retweets and 1.9 times more favourites. A lot of brands like Netflix use Twitter to share teasers and snippets of exclusive films/tv series to build anticipation before the release. This is extremely effective as users will then retweet or respond to the post in order to share with others and start a discussion. Brands also use videos on Twitter to announce discounts/offers, create more user-generated content and collaborate with influencers to market products. Like many other platforms, you can use analytics to check how well the video content you are posting is performing. With Twitter analytics, you can check the number of times the video has been used and the video completion rate.

YouTube is the second largest search engine

Since March 2014, the number of people watching YouTube videos has increased by 40%, proving video marketing has never been more necessary for the modern-day consumer. When posting content on Youtube, it is beneficial to choose an enticing thumbnail because, although we don’t like to admit it, we all judge a book by its cover. The best thumbnails are minimal, enticing and most importantly, relevant to the video content. Red Bull are a perfect example of how to implement video marketing appropriately using engaging thumbnails. Each thumbnail is visually appealing and gives you a glimpse of what the content is but doesn’t give too much away, so you are inclined to click on the video and find out. Another benefit of using YouTube as a platform for your video marketing is that you can keep on top of your analytics. The insights YouTube offers allows you to see how many views you have received, who is watching, where they are watching and audience retention.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds

The length of the videos you post has a huge impact on how many people will watch until the end. In fact, videos that last longer than 1 minute can deter potential customers from viewing your videos altogether. So, although twitter and Instagram have expanded the length of the videos they allow, that does not mean you should follow suit as it could be detrimental to your marketing campaign. When posting videos online, you should think of it as if you were showing a client your products in person – you don’t bore them with all the details of every single product you have to offer, you show them the products you think will appeal to them the most and promote them accordingly. So, when it comes to your video marketing, you should edit your videos down to the best of the best. Simply decide what images and clips will help you tell the story you want to share and get rid of everything else.

Video of a live event increases brand favorability by 63%

Live videos are truly changing the way brands interact with their audiences as it engages them in an immediate and authentic way, which other platforms cannot. Livestreaming is a powerful feature on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that has the ability to expand the viewing potential of an event attended by hundreds into the millions. With a live video, you can effortlessly connect global offices and reach audiences of unprecedented scale for product launches, fashion shows, exclusive events etc. The effectiveness of live videos as a marketing strategy was proven in a study conducted by Livestream with New York Magazine. The study revealed that 80% of users would rather watch a live video from a brand than read their content marketing posts. Consumers would prefer to see your company produce live content as opposed to reading your post, so live streaming is definitely worth considering.

Video + Marketing = Traffic, Leads and Sales!

We are certain that the impressive video marketing statistics listed above are enough to convince you that videos should be a key feature of your marketing campaign. Of course, videos are just one element of a successful strategy, and there are many other things to consider to achieve the results you want. In fact, if you think your brand needs a little TLC to get the recognition it deserves, take a look at our web design services.

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